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CLIENT          :  CEEBROS
5000 SQ.FT.
  Rs.15,00,000 (US$ 32,000 approx)

When 'Ceebros' builders approached us to create a never before seen landscape in the heart of Chennai for their corporate office, our creative juices started flowing. The actual site is a relatively tiny 1/4 acre housing 3 single - storey structures leaving all but 15,000 sq.ft. to be landscaped.

The concept was to blur all the boundaries and to create a landscape that would seem larger than the site actually was. The answer was to create a waterscape that disappeared and emerged from behind thick ferns, bamboo and other exotic plants, giving the impression that the buildings were surrounded by water. The central reception area was floated above the water and was totally glassed to give a 360° view all around. Large rocks and terraces were created and planted out to hide the boundary walls and to give a sense of depth. A large cascade and several smaller cascades pour into the waterbody that has no 'built' edges, and is alive with schools of koi carp.

The water is crystal clear down to the pebbled floor, courtesy a bio-filter that we use to clean the water and prevent the growth of algae. The photographs give you a better idea of what we mean. The result is one of the most spectacular landscapes we have ever produced, and one of the most private spaces in the city. While most landscapes may fade away into the night, this landscape becomes even more spectacular at nightfall with feature lights and underwater lighting imparting the warmest hues to the waterscape.
This is one of our finest signature landscapes and we are extremely proud to say so.